Present – Ali Aitchison, Vanessa Ryley, David Force, Neil Salter, Lewis Webb, Louise Wain, Emma Nankervis, Russell Brooks, Jeremy Sellick, Chris Cook, Helen Comer, Catharine Jessiman, Chrissy Marks, Jenny Gibson, Keith Gibson, Martin Adams, Margaret Tucker, David Cook, Neil Saxon, Roger Whitehead, Imogen Ridley
Apologies – Dan Force, Peter & Pam Cross, Geoff & Jan Whitaker, Alison Foden, Diane Flavin,
Westcliff School and the local business community – we were joined by teacher Lewis Webb and 2 of his year 6 pupils.
• The 2 girls gave us a presentation about forthcoming events that they hope business keepers will be able to donate raffle prizes towards (details attached).
• Mr Webb would like to introduce a business theme into year 6. He would like to invite local business people to come into the school to introduce their skills (eg accountancy, website building, catering, retailing) & work with the children (in small groups) over a few weeks to help the children greater understand the business world. If you feel you can volunteer some of your time, please contact Mr Webb direct lwebb@westcliff.org.uk
• Chairman’s Report
• Treasurer’s Report
• Election of Officers
a) Chairman – Vanessa Ryley voted back in
b) Secretary – Ali Aitchison voted back in
c) Treasurer – David Cook stood down and Helen Comer was voted into the role
d) Membership Secretary – nobody volunteered to take on the role but, if anyone not present at the meeting, would like to take it on or would like more information, please email Vanessa direct vanessatravellive@hotmail.co.uk.
e) David Force was voted back onto the committee
Town Centre Development Manager Update
Love Dawlish Website – visitors to the website have gone up exponentially in the last couple of months. Visitor figures for July & August are below and also shown are the number of downloads each month from the website of the event guide and the town maps
Unique Visitors 8,952 Visits 11,375
Total hits 1,260,563 including search engine figures
Downloads – Event Guide 4684, Teignmouth Map 1079, Dawlish Map 792
Unique visitors 10,845 Visits 14,232
Total hits 1,434,046 including search engine figures
Downloads – Events Guide 3023, Teignmouth Map 450, Dawlish Map 445
It is essential that all information on the website is up to date. Please check to make sure the information on your business is correct and current. If you’re still not on the website, please let Tracy have your relevant details and photos.
Event Guide – Tracy is preparing the event guide for 2018. If you have any events you would like to be included in the guide, please email Tracy tcdm@teignmouthanddawlishcic.org.uk
Play park – the plan for the proposed play park has been drawn up and it will take up approximately ½ of the area between the bandstand and the bowling green. Further funding of £120,000 is required and Dawlish Town Council have funded a funding advisor to assist.
Members were aware that another petition against the play park has been made. Members present, who ventured an opinion, were wholly in favour of a play park feeling that it can only benefit the town and its traders.
Pumpkin Trail – the annual Pumpkin Trail, organised by the Chamber of Trade, will take place from Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th November. This year, only members of the Chamber will be able to take part. We hope this will encourage more businesses to become members so they can partake in the trails and gain from the other benefits of membership. Martin Adams, from Harrisons Amusements, has agreed to fund the prize money for the Pumpkin trail and all future trails until further notice.
Christmas Events
• Light Switch on – 4.30 – 6.00pm Friday 1st December
• Christmas Markets – 11.00am – 4.00pm Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December.
Throughout the weekend there will be free entertainment on the lawn and down the Strand which will be closed to traffic. Entertainment will include bouncy castle, fairground rides, children’s characters walking around the town, Father Christmas, stilt walkers, hand bell ringers
IT discounts for businesses – AdServe and Dawlish Beach are offering video advertisements for members of the Dawlish Chamber of Trade at huge discount.
The video adverts will be played before the Live Streams on the Dawlish Beach website.
With 30,000 followers on social media, Dawlish Beach average around 5,000 unique visitors daily and can deliver 50,000 video adverts per month.
To qualify for one of these professional video ads, you must be a paid member of the Dawlish Chamber of Trade and Commerce.
The cost for the advert is £99 (half Price) and this comes with £499 worth of Ad Plays for FREE! That’s 5,000 advert plays.
For further information, follow the link http://dawlish.business/advert-offer-on-dawlish-beach-cam

Town Centre Development Manager post – Chamber members were all extremely concerned that the post of Town Centre Development Manager post would no longer be funded after September 2018. As a contributor to the funding of the post, Dawlish Chamber of Trade were very disappointed to have not been invited to meet with members of Dawlish Town Council when they were making the decision about funding the position (they voted against future funding!). Vanessa has written to the town council on behalf of the Chamber outlining the importance of the role and asking them to reconsider their position.

Any Other Business – Neil Saxon, Dawlish and Teignmouth Airshow, was pleased to inform us that Dawlish Town Council had approved a £12,500 grant for next year’s airshow. The DATA committee are still to present to Teignmouth Town Council and Teignbridge Council and request funding.
Date of next meeting – 28th November 2017