Present: Neil Salter, Sarah Nicks, Andrew Tucker, Ali Aichison, Tina Gregory, Cllr Alison Foden, Catherine Jessiman, Chris Jessiman, Luisa nicks, Sean Nicks, Sue Liner, Kim Woods, Julie Lister,  Pete Cross, Pam Cross, Sally Preston, Carmen Norris,  Sam Ryder, Sarah Brook, Keith Gibson, Richard, Giesens, Mel Giesens, Louise Theobald, Annie Theobald, George Theobald, Cecelia Middleton, Angie Weatherhead, Heather Hartup, Mark Mead, Chris Cook, Chrissy Marks, Wendy Chadwick and Marcus Webb.

Apologies: David Force, Vanessa Ryley, Tommy Kearns, Helen Comer, Cllr Martin Wrigley, Yvonne Tooner and Margaret Tucker.

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Purple Angel Awareness with Dawlish Mayor, Alison Foden

Cllr Alison Foden was invited along to discuss helping Dawlish get a dementia friendly status.

The weekend of 12th and 13th October 2019 the mayor and I held a Dementia Awareness Weekend. On the Saturday there was a brilliant event hosted by the Mayor called Dawlish Dementia ‘Adventure’ open day at the Manor House with talks, presentations and workshops.

On Sunday 12th the Mayor joined the Dawlish Beach Cams crew for a walk from Dawlish to Dawlish Warren in aid of Alzheimer’s Society. We broadcast it live on Facebook and we raised over £400 for the charity on the day.

If you attended the event at the Manor House you may have seen the brilliant talk from Norman McNamara about dementia. He has a book out called 50+ Shades of Dementia which is a poem book about someone living with dementia.

We are looking for local shops or businesses that would be interested in selling this dementia poetry book written by Norman McNamara. Chic and Sassy has already agreed to stock the book.

Also, are there any shops and businesses, especially new ones, that would be interested in updating/starting their Purple Angel dementia awareness?

If we get enough businesses involved then we can apply for status as a ‘dementia-friendly town’.

Please let the Mayor know if you are happy to sell the book or interested in helping Dawlish become a ‘dementia friendly town’ by emailing

If we can achieve this, Norman McNamara might come to the town himself and do a book signing and to award the certificates.

Click here to download Purple Angel’s guide to understanding dementia.

Christmas for Traders, Seven Swans a Swimming

A smaller group of four committee members had gathered during the previous week in order to put the agenda together for this meeting and it very quickly became apparent that September and October had been difficult trading months.  The seeds of a new competition were sewn in order to try to help address this loss, where seven pictures of character black swans dressed in Christmas hats etc would be placed inside seven businesses  – two in Park Road/Queen Street, two in The Strand, two in Brunswick and one around Station Road/Richmond Place. They would be ‘hidden’ within the businesses in order to encourage customers to browse around all of the businesses that the Town has to offer, submit their entry forms and win a sum of Dawlish Coins.  It was decided that this needed to be put to the whole chamber and a Newsletter with survey attached was sent out and only four replies received.

We established very quickly last night that not everyone had received this Newsletter and that there may be a possible problem with our Mail Chimp service which needed to be addressed.  A show of hands gave a vote that this would be something that as a Town we will run for this year as a possible quick fix for 2019.

Neil and Sarah will action this, during the course of the following week so that the competition would be up and running for the 29th November to coincide with the Christmas Light Switch on.

Christmas for Traders, Winter Trade Sub Committee

Sarah and Neil feel that they wish to set up a Winter Trade Sub Committee that would start early in January 2020 purely to focus on increasing foot fall and obtain interest in the Town during the Winter months (November through to March).  Sarah asked for anyone interested in helping with the task to contact her.  Angie Weatherhead, Catherine Jessiman, Julie Lister and Ali Aichison showed initial interest and Sarah will contact them shortly to arrange the first meeting.

Christmas for Traders, Free Christmas Promotion

Throughout the Christmas period we will be promoting your Christmas displays on our Facebook page and the cross promoting to Dawlish Beach Cams social media.

This will give CoT members the opportunity to show off their business to thousands of people for free.

Providing you are a member of Dawlish Chamber of Trade, you can email your good quality Christmas photos as an attachment to and we will share across our social media channels. If you can’t then don’t worry, we can take a photo for you. If you are not a member you can join the Dawlish Chamber of Trade here.

Below you will see row 3 and 4 are the stats for Presents of Dawlish and Ten Green Bottles that were shared to Dawlish Beach Cams Facebook page. The

Please use the hast tag #christmas2019dawlish and #lovedawlishnow with any of your own Christmas posts on social media to help create a trend for Dawlish this Christmas.

To learn more about hash tags you can watch a video here.

Fresh Produce Market with Richard Giesens

Richard is currently working with the council and supplies the piazza market for the town.

A lady commented on The Eyes of Dawlish Facebook page that there wasn’t any fresh produce available in the town from small businesses.

As Richard is already involved in the markets, he is looking into hosting a regular market with fresh fruit and veg, a fishmongers, deli and locally sourced meats.

170 people liked the idea on the Eyes of Dawlish Facebook page and Richard is happy to go ahead with this.

After a unanimous vote in favour of the market we now need to put it in to action.

If you are a trader that uses any of the produce for your business, please help us understand what you would like to see and let us know if you would use it.

If you have a business that uses fresh produce please fill out a very short survey here.

Dawlish Celebrates Carnival News

The news was released this week that some of the Carnival Committee were stepping down from their posts to make room for new volunteers.

Here’s their statement:

Please make contact via email or telephone number not to PM the page – thank you!

Dawlish Celebrates Carnival held its latest committee meeting on Monday 18 November 2019.

This was the fourth year that virtually the same committee members had put on a carnival week for the town. 2019 saw costs rise, but despite appalling weather on Parade Day, we managed to continue the programme and regardless of the rain, we achieved a healthy balance in the bank, this year, in preparation for 2020 carnival.

However, the shape and size of the committee is changing and there are a number of vacancies available, for anyone interested in being part of this successful group.

Whilst this is an exciting, professional group, volunteers should understand that the workload and commitment required can, on occasions, be significant. There are fund raising events across the year, legal, planning, sponsorship and logistical requirements to be undertaken to allow us to hold carnival, design and build the carnival float and take it to carnivals on the South Devon circuit along with our Royal family.

The committee consists of a group of ordinary people who have given up 4 years of their time to the Town. It is time for others to step up if they want to see Carnival continue. Members wishing to step down have made their decisions based on their own personal circumstances. There are no other reasons as we have a healthy bank balance that would support a Carnival in 2020, equipment purchased over the last 4 years, a store, a towing vehicle and float.

We fully appreciate that this may come as a surprise to many. However, we are at a point, that with other personal commitments, it is time to move over for other, enthusiastic people to take on the responsibility. Unless enough able and willing people put themselves forward before Christmas it is highly likely that Dawlish will not have a carnival in 2020.

If anyone is interested in supporting, what has been a really successful week-long event, over the last four years, then please get in touch, by the 4th December, with our secretary Mary Lowther on email or ring on 07585 669854.

Dawlish Discount Idea and Proposal

Andrew Tucker from Curios introduced the idea of a ‘locals discount card’ scheme. While it is still in its very early stages, we just wanted to see what the traders feel about it.

Locals Discount Card – Dawlish – Marketing Strategy – Concept Proposal


A discount card for locals, offering incentives.


  • Cards provided at cost to the chamber, sold to locals at profit to the chamber, to fund advertising to capture further afield audience.
  • Different categories to suit different industries, i.e. retail, gastronomy, beauty, home improvements, etc.
  • Available to business’ that are members of chamber of trade
  • Valid for a timeframe, 1 year? Or more?
  • Like the young persons rail card, but adapted to suit Dawlish businesses


  • Locals offered discount (at a price) to use the town.
  • Monetary contribution to the chamber (from card sales), which can be used for advertising or customer base development potential
  • Growing captive audience as loyalty card diffuses via sales in shops and word of mouth
  • Repeat business from locals, more visitors in the winter months, given that card sale monies are used to advertise to wider regions
  • Possible to inflate for a ‘tourists’ price, but still sell at a local’s rate (caution here; we don’t want to turn visitors away)


  • Lost cards, Cloning. Need for safety measure.
  • How far does the term ‘ Locals’ reach? Dawlish, Holcombe, Starcross, or up to 5 mile radius? 10 mile radius?
  • Lots of locals using the town, who now get a discount on what they would normally pay full price for
  • It might not be perceived as an incentive to new members of the chamber
  • Repeat tourists might want to buy one, people owning and renting holiday lets might want to buy one


  • To develop the concept, feedback and contribution from members is sought regarding;
    • Business participation, yes or no?
    • Benefits, implications
    • What can you offer as an incentive to capture local interest? (the idea is not to be competitive with your competitor if you offer a similar service, rather incentives should be generalised according to your industry)
    • How much do you think the card should cost? (£10, £20, or £££ for a master card?)
    • Would you agree to advertise and sell the card from your business? (You would be invoiced for money generated through the sale of discount cards, for tax purposes)
    • Please email with questions or feedback.


  • A representative group from chamber members get together to plan the artwork and card type, as well as discount/ offer specifics, to produce a discount card; whether 1 for all, or 3, 4 different with a master card
  • Group produce a full proposal including; incentive options, cost vs. benefit analysis, regional advert costing
  • To be proposed formally at a meeting where all participants are present, to; accept/ decline artwork and card type, decide on the best incentives to offer, devise best methods to capture local & regional audience
  • Cards ok’d and sent to print (or re-designed)
  • Cards sold in participating shops, businesses, at £10 each or more (depending on feedback)
  • A review of success/ failure, regarding number of cards sold and relevance of incentives.


Website Updates for Members

I’ve been busy updating the website and working on ideas to help traders with their day to day business.

The 1st new item on the website is a Social Media Calendar that is there to help inspire you for daily or weekly social media posts. The calendar is full of ideas on what to post and when, also any national holidays or special days like International Coffee Day etc.

View the calendar here. Must be a member to view and logged in to the website.

Next up I’m creating a business directory for members so that people can find your business by looking for your products or services rather than the shop name. I will have a filter on there so for example, people can search for newspapers and the website will show all the businesses that sell newspapers.

You can fill in your details here (members only). Become a member.

A future plan for 2020 is to have an ecommerce shop that links all the trader’s products together. It will be a single on-line portal where people can purchase products from many of the members businesses in one transaction. It’s in its very early stages but I believe it will be a great asset for those that only have a few items they want to sell online or those that don’t want to spent huge sums on their own website.

We have a new Black Swan Cam going live in the near future on Dawlish Beach Cams. Here’s a preview of the view it will have.

Any other business

Hay’s Travel

Chris Cook from Hays Travel joined us to tell us that he could offer great prices on holidays.

Dawlish Community Transport

We are very pleased to share that we are part of the Co-op Local Community Fund for the next year, here in Dawlish. Can you please become a member at the Co-op by going online to:, or ask in store.

Once registered look for East Teignbridge/Dawlish Community Transport and pledge your support for us. If you are already a member please go onto the Co-op webpage and register to help US. Every time you shop in store (Dawlish) and buy their products, swipe your members card and we benefit and so do you … spread the word please please. Thank you everyone.

Dawlish Rocks Choir

Dawlish Rocks Choir will be playing in Exeter on the 14th December with Soul of the City Gospel Choir at The Maynard School.

Tickets are available here and their Facebook page is here

Christmas Tree Festival 10th – 14th December 2019

St. Gregory the Great, Dawlish
Holiday Coast Mission Community

Christmas Tree Festival 10th – 14th December 2019

St. Gregory the Great, Dawlish would like to invite you to take part in our Christmas Tree Festival. Community Groups, families and local businesses are all welcome to take part. We will hold an opening event on Tuesday 10th December at 6.00 pm

The following information should be helpful to you.

1. Trees to be preferably no more than 4ft and artificial. If you wish to use a fresh tree, please let us know. There is limited space for larger trees which will be placed on the ground.

2. The intention is for trees to be displayed on flat boards. You may provide any covering you would like to use.

3. Lights must be battery operated. Please provide extra batteries. We will endeavour to keep all lights working.

4. You may display any other suitable material on your pitch including advertising handouts.

5. Each pitch will be provided with a ‘name plate’ stating the group or business. You are welcome to give your tree a title too. There will be a competition for the favourite tree.

6. Trees may be erected between 6 pm-8pm on Monday 9th and between 11-4 on Tuesday 10th December. The opening will be at 6.00 pm on the Wednesday.

7. Trees will need to be collected on Sunday 15th December between 12-5 pm. If you need to collect at another time, please let us know. We have a school event on Monday 16 th and they fill the church!

8. Stewards will be on duty when the Festival is open, but the Parochial Church Council cannot accept any responsibility for articles displayed on the tree or around it.

9. The Festival will be open to the public on 11th,12,13th December between 11 – 4 , and on Saturday 14th from 11 am. From 3pm on Saturday there will be a free concert. Entry is free to the Festival. However, donations will be welcome and will be given to charity after expenses.

10. Refreshments will be available in the Upper Narthex.

11. Trees from community groups are free but we would ask a donation of £5 from commercial contributors.

12. We have publicity available. If you are able to display it please get in touch.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the church office.
Phone no. 01626 864322 or Dallas on 01626 867386

Christmas tree festival application 2019 form

Next Meeting

30th January 2020 – Venue TBC

If you are interested in hosting a meeting, please email us at

Please feel free to leave any comments at the bottom of the page. You will need to be logged in.


Neil and Sarah.