Dawlish Camber of Trade and Commerce Meeting
21st November 2019
The Ugly Duckling

18:45           Welcome and Apologies

  1. Purple Angel Awareness with Dawlish Mayor, Alison Foden
  2. Christmas for Traders (3 parts)
    1. Seven Swans a Swimming Idea (Christmas for Traders)
    2. Winter Trade Sub Committee from 2020 (Christmas for Traders)
    3. Free Christmas Promotion for all CoT Members (Christmas for Traders)
  3. Fresh Produce Market with Richard Giesens

Five Minute Break

  1. Dawlish Celebrates Carnival News
  2. Dawlish Discount Card Idea and Proposal
  3. Website Update for Members
  4. Any Other Business
  5. Next Meeting 30th January 2020 – Venue TBC