The seeds of a new competition were born last night, and we need your thoughts.  We wanted to create something were people had to enter businesses, possibly that they hadn’t been into before and we hit on the idea of “Seven Swans a Swimming”.
Seven businesses (two on Park Road/Queen Street, two on The Strand, two in Brunswick and one around Station Road/Richmond Place) equally distributed around the town would hold a picture of a Black Swan in festive attire within their businesses – not to difficult, but not visible from the road.

Entry forms would be collected from several distribution points throughout the Town and the entrants must browse around our businesses in order to find the seven Black Swans, discovering Dawlish and what we have to offer along the way.

After a limited time (we thought starting it on the 29th November) and maybe continuing for a couple of weeks (possibly changing the businesses half-way through, providing dates had been put on entry forms).  The prize would be a sum of Dawlish pounds again to be put back into the Town.

Seven Swans a Swimming