Dawlish and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce Constitution

Dawlish and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce


  1. The name of this Association is ‘The Dawlish and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce’, referred to as ‘The Chamber’.
  2. Officers
    1. The Chairman
    2. The Honorary Secretary
    3. The Honorary Treasurer
    4. The Honorary Membership Secretary
  3. Committee members are those officers named in paragraph 2. above plus any others who are appointed by way of a proposer and a seconder and decided by a show of hands.
  4. Any sub-committees will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
  5. The Committee may fill any vacancy that arises during the year and may also appoint special committees or individuals to attend relevant meetings and report back to the Chamber on any subject of interest.
  6. Voting will be by a show of hands. In the events of votes being equal, the Chairman will have the casting vote.  Voting will be limited to one vote per business.
  7. Objectives
    1. To consider and promote any schemes or plans that are considered to further improve and secure the trading, commercial and professional interests of businesses within the area of Dawlish and District.
    2. To collect and circulate relevant information to members for the mutual benefit of businesses and the population of Dawlish and District generally.
    3. To arrange events for the benefit of members or a chosen charity.
    4. For any objective considered to be favourable to or in the interest of the members.
  8. Membership of the Chamber will be open to everyone who is involved in the running of a business in Dawlish and District, once they have completed a membership form and paid the current membership fee. Membership can be purchased through The Chamber website: Information will also be shared with councillors and other interested parties where this is considered to be favourable to the membership.
  9. Meetings There will be four meetings each year and the Annual General Meeting will be held in September each year in order to elect any new officers, committees or representatives for the year ahead.At each meeting a date will be decided for the following meeting. This will usually be a Tuesday or a Thursday.Additional ‘Special Meetings’ may be called by the Committee.Prior written notice of meetings will be given via email/notifications on Facebook and The Chamber website by the Honorary Secretary.

    An attendance register will circulate during each meeting and this will be noted in the minutes of the meeting by the Honorary Secretary. The minutes will be posted on The Dawlish Chamber of Trade Website and emailed to those who attended the meeting.

  10. Subscriptions Every member will pay an annual subscription which will be decided by the Chamber. The subscription will be due at the time of the A.G.M or within a month of that meeting. This can be paid by cheque, standing order or by cash in person to any member of the Committee. Fees may also be paid through the Chamber website.
  11. Expenditure All costs incurred by the Committee including for items of stationary, photocopying, printing  and office equipment, will be paid for out of Chamber funds.All receipts must be handed to the Honorary Treasurer so that all expenditure may be accounted for.
  12. Accounts The bank for the Chamber will be Lloyds in Dawlish and the Honorary Treasurer will have the power to pay all outstanding accounts incurred by the Chamber. The Honorary Treasurer will also have the power to sign cheques with either the Chairman or Secretary.Accounts will be presented to the Chamber at the A.G.M each year.