Connecting Dawlish Businesses

Instructions on using the Zello App to keep in touch and alert others of issues in our town.

Install Zello App

We now have a ‘walkie talkie’ style app that myself and Andy from Curios have been trialling.

The tests worked very well so if you want to join, please follow the instructions.

Download the app Zello

Signup with a user name, your email address and give it a password.

Click on name and change it to your first name and business you work for.

E.G Oli – The Shoe Centre

Set location to Business (if you like)

Click Save.

Scan QR Code

You the need to click ‘channels’ from the Hamburger Menu.

Click ‘Add Channel’ and the click ‘Scan QR Code’.

Scan the image to the left with your phone.

If you can’t scan the QR code, Select find a channel and search for Dawlish Traders.

When it asks you for the password please email for the current password.

You should then see 3 tabs along the top.

Recents – Contacts – Channels.

You’ll see a screen similar to the image to the right.

Click on Channels and then click Dawlish Traders.



Ready to talk

When you see the screen with a large orange circle, you’re ready to chat.

Press and HOLD the big button to chat. Let go once you have finished chatting, just like an old walkie talkie.

If you are busy or don’t want to be disturned you can press the blue power button. This will take you off the channel. Press the white power button to join the channel again.

Drop Down Options

There’s a drop down menu in the app that will give you more options. You can send your location to everyone if you’re in trouble.

If you are going to test this feature please let everyone know that you are testing before please. This will stop people from causing false alarms.

Video Instructions

In the video is a few of the features.